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The Priscillas
A Presentation
by Joan Frederick

General Meeting & Ice Cream Social
Thursday, July 21 7:00 pm
Hart Park House in Memorial Park   $5.00

Did you know about the Priscillas, a women’s civic group that dates back to the late 1800s?
Did you know they’re still active? They never appear in the newspaper and seem to fly below our radar, but they continue to support civic organizations and various projects that improve our sweet town. 

The Priscillas were founded by a group of Sierra Madre women, movers and shakers all. Leaving no stone unturned, our speaker, Ms. Frederick, over the course of 3 years, sometimes putting in 10-hour days, researched their life stories, their family trees, and the homes they lived in, and then compiled all that into a book chock full of Sierra Madre history, Unsung Heroines; The Modern Priscillas, 200 Extraordinary Women in Sierra Madre, California.

In it, we read about their tremendous influence and dynamic civic leadership. (To name just one example, we owe the survival of the Sierra Madre library to when, in 1887, the subscriptions could no longer support a paid librarian and these young women stepped in in a monthly rotation to keep it open for 20 years.)

Come listen to Ms. Frederick give us a bracing dose of Sierra Madre History.
We’ve waited so long to get together and celebrate our local history…